Contributions are welcome. When you want to help the struggle for the Afar people please donate money to our account. If you want to contribute to a specific project or to one of our partner organisations just add a word (e.g. Coop, HIV, Language, APDA or UDC) on the form and we will see to it that the money are distributed as you wish. Please remember that the projects that are supported by SIDA (now all our projects) have a 10/90 contract i.e. for every 10 SEK (or Euro) you put in, the Swedish government add 90! All banking details are found at the bottom of this page. Soon we will make public the figures of the different projects, that you will be able to follow your contributions. The direct accounts for APDA and UDC will be published here soon but remember the 10/90 that adds to your contribution through Afarfriends accounts. For specific information don’t hesitate to contact us.

The details to our account are:

IBAN SE02 9500 0099 6034 0766 1580
and the BIC name (SWIFT adress) is NDEASESS